They watch, virtually share your joy, send you wishes and blessings
and also get to interact with others who are watching the live stream.

Our exclusives features


Guests love interacting with one another on this occasion especially as many of them meet each

other after eons. Our bespoke Chat application allows them to chat with any/all registered guests who are online. They can opt for a video chat or text chat as individuals or in a group.

Wedding Notes

You have the option of setting a background music score which will be played for your guests

as they watch the event live or deferred, thereby enhancing the experience and blurring the lines between real and virtual.

Photo Album

Your PurpleKnot microsite is truly yours – you can upload all/any of your photos into this site.

We don’t just limit the site to what we do for you, but allow you to import photos from your files to create a memorable album.


You can share your special moments with your Facebook family as easily as you do your facebook

posts. Just notify us and we will embed the video in your Facebook page for hassle-free enjoyment by your Facebook friends.

Visitor Record

Know who among your invited guests actually attended the occasion. PurpleKnot’s secure login

access for all your invitees ensures easy reportage of who actually came on board. You can easily download a list of attendees.

Post Event Availability

We understand that time literally stands still on such momentous and joyous occasions.

Your PurpleKnot personalized microwebsite will likewise stand still for three months from the actual date of the event.

Video on Demand

We offer instant archival of the live streaming, which becomes available to you the very

next minute. You can then edit the video if you wish, make a video teaser, make a memorable gallery of special moments with our easy-to-use tool.


With PurpleKnot showcasing your wedding live to your guests all around, you will be showered

with warm and loving wishes, as your virtual guests send you messages online which you can view at the venue on the screen. Your guests can opt for plain text messages or photo/video-enabled ones which will be streamed live. Not just that – we can also have the messages delivered to your preferred mobile number! Guests can also text personal messages and greetings in an Online Guest Book, which will be compiled and made available to you after the event.

Technical Support

Your virtual guests are just a call (toll-free) or email away from our 24/7 technical support team,

in case they encounter any technical glitches. They will also be notified in case of a delay so they are prepared and continue to be excited about the upcoming event.

Augmented Reality Invites

Your guests can view your invitation card in a 3D perspective if they hover a camera phone on

the card. Simple! Download our App and ensure that your wedding card is given to us!

PurpleKnot provides you with an option to choose your photo/videographer from PurpleKnot's preferred partner if you so wish, at an additional cost. This is not included in the package rates.
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